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French Cuffs for Women: now you can wear your cufflinks with every top you own - just cuff it up!

Mudra wearing French cuffs for women

glamourize and elevate your existing wardrobe


wear cufflinks with everything you own:

  • turtlenecks

  • v neck sweaters

  • halter tops

  • short sleeved tops

  • sleeveless tops

  • sleeveless dresses

  • long sleeved dresses

  • short sleeve dresses

Detachable French Cuffs for Women

Detachable french cuffs are a new fashion accessory which allow women to wear cufflinks with anything they own. Easy to slip on,  they have holes sewn on to accommodate cufflinks. An easy way to transform your look and add versatility to your closet.

As a former NYC sales executive working in the finance industry, l struggled to find unique cufflinks for women -- and the selection of blouses to wear them with was narrow. Finding stylish french cuffs was also a challenge. One night,  wanting to wear my jade Buddha cufflinks with my favorite cashmere sweater,  an idea came to me - I removed the french cuffs from one of my button-down shirts,  slid them over the sleeves of my sweater, and added the cufflinks. Voila! My outfit was immediately transformed into something more stylish and elegant. A new concept was born -- detachable french cuffs for women. I had also discovered how to wear cufflinks with every top in my closet! Since then many women have approached me to ask where I got my french cuff tops, and they also comment on the cuff links that I wear. Because of that I am making them both available to the public.  Our detachable french cuffs for women can be worn with anything you own, so there is no longer a need to buy a special top just for cufflinks. Our french cuffs are impeccably tailored and handmade in luxurious fabrics by a Connecticut based tailor. 

Monica Matos


Cufflinks for Women: SheLinks ™

SheLinks are cufflinks for women: Bold, beautiful, fluid. Unable to easily find feminine cufflinks  I set out on a quest to fill the void.  The cufflinks that you will find here have been carefully selected and are of the highest quality.   Like original art-work some of our cufflinks are one-of-a-kind. Others are curated from jewelers who share our style. 

Celebrate your uniqueness -

frenchcuffs + SheLinks™ is a guarantee no one else will be wearing your same outfit

Plum glass cufflinks for women
Prasiolite and Cultured Freshwater Pearl Cufflinks

Be confident  Dare to be bold

Make an impact

Cufflinks for women - white agate petals and clear CZ center with sterling silver chain and toggle
Detachable french cuffs for women make it easy for women to wear cufflinks with anything
Shelinks: cufflinks for women
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