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Detachable french cuff with chandelier cufflinks for women

SheLinks™  cufflinks

for women

With the introduction of SheLinks women can now wear cufflinks  which allow them to embrace and celebrate their femininity. There is a reason why black-tie affairs demand wearing cufflinks. They add elegance, distinction and sophistication to any outfit. Our cufflinks have been carefully selected and are of the highest quality.   Like original art-work many of our cufflinks are one-of-a-kind, either crafted in our studio or custom made for us by silversmiths. Others are curated from jewelers who share our style. 

Tastefully designed and curated for women: SheLinks,  cufflinks for her.

Fantasy Collection - We searched high and higher to find tasteful costume pieces which finish off the french cuffs beautifully.  These add affordable glamour and panache to your ensemble.

Sterling Silver Collection - For those who prefer wearing precious metals.   Exceptional -  perfect for when you want to make an impression. 

For the free minded woman who knows what she wants and
gets it
Coorful fish cufflinks for women in sterling silver covered with colorful Swarovski crystals
Prasiolite stone and cultured freshwater pearls cufflinks set in sterling silver with toggles.
cufflinks for women - Aqua chalcedony set in sterling silver
Cufflinks for women -citrine with CZ on a sterling silver toggle
Blue ombre beaded tassel cufflinks for women
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