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New Style Fashion Accessory for Women: Detachable French Cuffs

Detachable French Cuff in Black Velvet with Ombre Crystal Cufflinks

It is no accident that at formal affairs french cuffs and cufflinks are always worn. In corporate boardrooms french cuffs and cufflinks are never amiss and the gravitas they provide is palpable. Wearing cufflinks requires a special shirt or blouse with holes to acommodate cufflinks. Women have long had limited options when searching for fashionable and feminine tops with french cuffs.

For women who want the most versatility and style out of their existing wardrobe, detachable french cuffs provide a new exciting option. Until now, detachable french cuffs were only available with custom-made shirts which have buttons strategically placed to accommodate the french cuffs.

Detachable french cuffs for women is the new fashion accessory which makes the elegance of the french cuff more accessible to women. Detachable french cuffs are versatile - they can be worn with any top. Simply slide on the detachable french cuffs over any shirt, sweater or blouse. Furthermore, there are now cufflinks available which have been designed especially for women. Need to wear a conservative look at the office but want more style for after-work cocktails? Start the day with a white blouse and white detachable french cuffs, but carry a change of detachable french cuffs with a contrasting pattern in your purse for a quick change after work. After hours, switch the detachable french cuffs, adorn the cuffs with a pair of fabulous crystal encrusted cufflinks and VOILA! Your outfit is easily and instantly transformed for a glamorous night out.

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