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French Cuffs

Made in the USA

Premium Fabrics

Our detachable French cuffs for women are carefully crafted from some of the world's finest fabrics. As a result our cuff collections are sometimes available only in limited quantities. 

Impeccable Craftsmansip

To ensure our french cuffs for women are of the highest standards, our french cuffs are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by a fashion designer in Connecticut. This enables us to maintain strict quality controls so that you are guaranteed to receive impeccably crafted handmade garments.

Detachable french cuffs allow women to wear cufflinks with every top they already own.  No need for special shirts.
French cuffs for women
 french cuffs for women

Detachable french cuffs  

- Tailored, timeless, refined.-
French cuffs for women
as stand alone items.
They will transform your outfit.
Detachable french cuffs for women make it possible for women to wear cufflinks without needing a blouse with cufflink holes
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